I hope this article finds you safe and well during these strange times.

Both of us would like to go on record to thank all our keyworkers who have done so much for us all. They are heroes from the nurses and doctors, the care home workers, bin men and women and delivery drivers and shop staff. Cheshire salutes you all.

We saw a phrase earlier this month from an Australian estate agent who declared it ‘business unusual.’

This sounds about right to us.

The good news is there are some green shoots of positive news around the Coronavirus coming from other parts of the World.

Lockdown is being eased in many parts of Europe.

And we’re preparing for life after lockdown.

We’ve always embraced video technology and provide video tours for 99% of our properties.

And we’ve introduced online valuations using smartphones.

All you need is Whats App on your phone, and we can provide you with a valuation based on you giving us a quick tour around your property. This will never be as accurate as seeing a property in person but can give you an idea of where you stand.

We’re also introducing clean kits to take on valuations and viewings when the Government gives us the green light to get back to work safely.

These will include shoe covers, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and other items to ensure the health and safety of people we work with and for is paramount.

We’re still taking enquiries from people looking to move post lockdown. Although no one knows precisely what will happen, we’re expecting a busy period once social distancing and other rules are relaxed.

Thanks for reading and if there is anything, we can do to help you at this time please let us know.

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