The time has come to sell your home! The asking price is clear in your mind, the agent is booked in for photos, but…is the stage truly set to sell?

Everybody knows that a de-clutter and spring clean are par for the course prior to viewings. But … did you know that when it comes to selling your home quicker, a little home styling can go a long way?

What is home styling?

If ‘home styling’ is new to you, simply put, the term refers to ‘dressing’ or ‘staging’ a home to feel fresh, current, functional and beautiful.

While taking on a wider role in UK society, having travelled across the Atlantic from the States, home styling is something we Brits are already familiar with. Seasonal styling takes place every December, when we dress our homes in tinsel, twinkle lights and trees for Christmas, or in October when we place a pumpkin in the window for Halloween.

Soft furnishings, colour palettes, texture and lighting all come together to create a warm, welcoming and ultimately, selling ambience in the best dressed homes. With this in mind, we have scoured the interior design trend forums to bring you our top six, must have styling essentials for 2024. Enjoy!

  1. Bedside lighting

Create a soothing, symmetrical and soporific effect in bedrooms through matching bedside lighting. The key trend for 2024 moves away from the trend for brass and matt black, with a focus on silver products. 

Add a little lustre to your bedside glow; you can pick up your chrome, aluminium or nickel lamps from any number of high street retailers. 

For period homes, Marks and Spencer often stock more traditional items, whilst Next and John Lewis are great for contemporary elements. Matalan and TK Maxx can also be a great source of inspiration, at bargain prices.

  1. Neat and tidy bedding

This should read ‘viewings only’ bedding. It needn’t cost the earth, but to ensure a dazzling first impression, all bed linen should be crisp white where possible. Invest in a set of inexpensive white bedding for each bedroom, and keep it fresh, clean, and neatly ironed ready for viewings. 

For the master bedroom, plump up the scene with some perfectly placed pillows and cushions. A key colour trend for 2024 is muted yellow accents, so why not drape a buttermilk or straw-coloured throw over the end of the bed for the ultimate cosy factor?

  1. Fluffy fresh towels

From the bedroom to the bathroom, the same principle applies: keep it fresh. What could be more comforting than a fluffy, folded towel warming on the heated towel radiator, ready to embrace you after a luxurious candle-lit bath? 

It’s this kind of visual your bathroom needs to conjure for viewers in order to successfully sell your home. So, treat yourself to an aromatherapy candle or two, and head to Dunelm, Matalan or Marks and Spencer and invest in sets of white ‘viewings only’ towels for your bathrooms.

  1. Say it with flowers

Bring the outdoors in with a vase of fresh flowers. Pay homage to both the season and style of your home in your choice of flowers and container. 

In winter, instil a Dickensian glow to your period home with a festive garland or evergreen wreath. In springtime, a simple handful of daffodils can provide sunshine in a vase. In late summer, hand tied posies of lavender upon the bedside table can enhance the function of the room.

Flowers to avoid are those that could have misleading associations, or cause staining to viewers’ clothing, such as lilies.

Showcase your home’s highlights; if your garden is particularly resplendent with sweet peas, why not cut a few and pop them in a jam jar to leave on the central island of the kitchen?

  1. Rule of three

The most inviting homes are warm, welcoming and lived in, although not cluttered. While it’s important to depersonalise your home for viewings, it’s also best to avoid a home that is clinically bare and minimal. 

If your home is looking on the sparse side and you’re looking for accessories to add a homely touch, remember the rule of three (design gurus assure us the human eye prefers groupings of three), to add depth and anchor the space.

Following a period of nautically themed accoutrements, according to House and Garden magazine, next season’s trend for accessorising takes its inspiration from the skies: think celestial, stars, sun and moon prints and candle holders.

  1. From rugs to riches

The humble rug, though not for every room, when carefully selected and appropriately placed, can transform a room. Rugs can be the perfect addition in larger, period homes, where a cold, echoey unused sitting room can be infused with warmth by their presence.

So far this decade has belonged to the beige wool brigade and the sisal enthusiasts, however, if you have a neutral, minimal room, consider dressing up your hardwood floor in a burst of bejewelled green, or even a floral-patterned rug for a cosy contrast. 

Pay attention to and take insight from your home’s surroundings and garden. You could also take inspiration from boutique hotels if you’re short on ideas.

Above all others, key drivers for 2024 home trends are authenticity and sustainability, so why not consider repurposing and recycling what you already have? What better excuse to go through your garage and attic for a clear out ahead of the big move!

While trends come and go, our styling tips are tried and tested over the years. 

If you’re still not sure how to get your home photo and viewer ready for market, drop us an email on or give us a call on 01829 700359. We’d love to help get you moving.

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