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By employing Storeys, you will be safe in the knowledge that we do things differently to the mainstream.

This not only ensures you will receive an incredible level of service and the most secure sale, but more importantly will deliver you the highest price for your largest tax free asset.

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Woodside Cottage, Little Leigh

Arrange your selling advice meeting

Old School House, Spurstow

A different kind of StoreyOur Property Selling USPs

No up front fees and no contract tie in

We passionately believe that estate agents should only be paid based on their performance and that clients should never be tied into contract periods. As such, we do not charge any up front fees and we have no contract tie in period.

We are that confident in our service level and ability to produce the highest price for your home that you can cancel our contract at anytime with no penalty.

Whatsapp Groups

When selling your largest tax free asset and during what is usually a very emotional time, it is essential that you can contact your estate agent quickly. We create group Whatsapp groups for all our clients and team, to ensure clients can have quick answers to their questions during or outside of office hours.

We even create these groups for our buyers to ensure they have as smooth a journey as possible. These groups are such a great place to share updates and send photos. Whatsapp groups will never replace the telephone though and we appreciate that some older clients don’t use the technology so we’re available 6 days a week on the phone as well – Sundays are family time though

Limited Stock of Properties

We pride ourselves on the quality of homes we sell and do not simply market anything that comes our way. It’s not about only selling higher priced homes, it’s about selling a quality home that are staged and marketed to perfection.

By employing Storeys, you are safe in the knowledge that you are creating a relationship with a company that it’s dedicated to the craftsmanship of property marketing.

Managing Your Sale Through to Completion

It shouldn’t be underestimated how important it is for you to employ an Estate Agent who has a dedicated team member just for Sales Progression (that’s the industry term!). Our Sales Progressor Michelle Smith is solely dedicated to this vital area of our business and we couldn’t be without her.

Michelle’s job is to manage the whole chain including speaking to all agents and solicitors to ensure documents are being sent and received and that progression is being made on a weekly basis. Michelle regularly goes above and beyond (sometimes doing other agent’s jobs for them) in order to keep sales on track for our clients.

Storey Negotiators

Negotiation is a skill that should be carried out with only the head and not the heart, and unless you do it every day of your life, you’re unlikely to be very good at it. Throw in the emotion of buying a house and you’re likely to be very poor at it.

Yet, in the UK a house buyer is expected to negotiate (the biggest emotional purchase of their life) against a person who is trained in negotiation AND paid a commission to ensure they pay the highest price. That’s where we come in.

No Lettings

We do not have a Lettings department and believe clients benefit from a sales only focussed company. Our Proud Owner Ian Storey has, in the past, worked in a Sales and Lettings mixed company and this can vey much muddy the waters with tenant problems, leading to a reduced service for sales clients.

As a sales only company, we devote 100% of our time to your property sale which enables us to provide an incredible service but more importantly, deliver the highest possible price.

Photo For Sale Boards

For Sale boards should be more about your lovely home than about the Agent! We create beautiful bespoke boards that either emphasise something key about your home that isn’t visible from the road, or to simply to showcase how beautiful it is.


Don’t take our word for it, below you can find video stories of client’s experiences of using Storeys. Sometimes emotional tales of long-standing family homes so get your tissues at the ready …

Tom's Story

Ruth's Story

Peter's Story

Steve's Story

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