If you’re mulling over a move next year, you’ve probably thought of many scenarios, dreams and potential headaches. 

This includes things like:

• How will I get the best price for my home?

• Where are the catchment areas for the best schools?

• How will our family react to moving?

When families are involved, our advice is to make your children feel part of the process and listen to their thoughts, concerns and ideas, which helps them (and you) get their head around things.

We asked a tweenager, a child between 10 and 12 years old, whose family recently sold and moved to another home, what was on her mind as events unfolded.

It makes illuminating reading.

  1. Freedom

I was so excited to get my own room and not have to share it with my little sister.

  1. Closer friendships

I was happy to be moving closer to my friends.

  1. Excitement

I was excited to see the new house as soon as possible after Mum and Dad chose it. 

  1. Anxiety

I was worried about getting the new house because something happened that stopped us from moving when we were supposed to (a glitch in the property chain).

  1. The best bit

One of the best bits about moving to a new house was that we could now get a dog.

  1. The great outdoors

The new house is bigger so it’s great to play with my sister in it, e.g. hide and seek, tag and I’ve now got space to practise my gymnastics outside.

  1. Bathroom bliss

There are more bathrooms here, which is good because we are a big family.

  1. Missing stuff

It was annoying when our house was all packed up, ready to move, because I couldn’t find my stuff.

Reflections and advice

We asked our ‘tweenage’ mover for advice for anyone in her age group whose family are moving home. Here’s what she shared.

  1. If you’re worried about the move, talk to someone about your feelings.
  1. Think of the fun parts of moving – maybe a bigger room, nearer friends, a new home.
  1. Always look for the positives.

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