1. Over pricing
It is commonplace to obtain 2-3 valuations when marketing your home. It is also a wise thing to do as it will ultimately give you an average figure. However, some less scrupulous Agents may try to flatter you and win the business by quoting a higher figure. This lures you onto the market and then you will inevitably be pushed by the Agent to reduce the price when the marketing becomes stagnant and there are no viewings.

Properties which are reduced once, twice or even several times in quick succession become known to the buying public and your house will become ‘that house’. Buyers will also start to make up reasons why your house is not selling such as “it must have survey issues” or “the neighbours must be a nightmare”. Ultimately the house will end up selling for less than it would have done if it had just been priced correctly from the start.

Think of it this way. Your house is worth around £700,000 so an Agent tells you to market it for £720,000 so you can negotiate down to the level you think it is worth. Firstly the next search bracket up on Rightmove is £800,000 so absolutely nobody is going to see it if they search up to £700,000 (don’t forget the majority of people now search for their next home sat on their sofa using their smart phone…..). So, by adopting this approach you have already limited your pool of buyers. Also consider that there is a huge spike in interest when a home first hits the market and you only get ONE chance to capture those people. Secondly the marketing is now going to go stagnant and you will have to end up making a price reduction. There will be no point reducing to any figure above £700,000 or it will make zero difference due to how the online search pricing brackets work.

You’ll then be left with a property which has now been on the market for a few weeks or maybe months, you’ve missed the initial swath of buyers and your home has a ‘Reduced’ sign next to it. This is not good news as your eventual buyer will use this to negotiate a lower price and you’ll most likely end up with below £700,000 as you’ll then be more minded to accept a lower offer as the house has been on the market for some time and you want to get moving.

If you are working with an agent who has excellent marketing and negotiation skills, it is significantly better to market for either the price you both agree it is worth (£700,000) or better still, depending on the desirability of the property, a lower Offers Over price to drive interest and urgency between buyers. For the most desirable homes in the most desirable areas, this will usually result in a higher eventual selling price (over £700,000) as buyers will not want to lose out. On top of this, buyers will have no genuine reason to try and negotiate down as one of the key reasons buyers use to negotiate is ‘time on market’. Plus, if there are 2, 3, 4 or more interested parties, buyers will know they have to pay a good price in order to secure the home.

According to Which?, sellers lose £4,300,000,000 a year to overvaluing and homes with a 5% price cut taking two months longer to sell.

2. Making small reductions
I see it time and time again, Agents making multiple small reductions, sometimes within a few weeks of a property going onto the market. This is so incredibly damaging for the eventual selling price and makes it abundantly clear that the home has been overpriced from day one. Don’t forget that if you reduce by 2% or more, your home will not only show as Reduced online, it will also get sent out in the property alerts by Rightmove. So, each time you do this, all buyers registered for these alerts will keep getting emails reminding them that your home has been Reduced (again) – very damaging for the eventual price you will be able to achieve.

If the Agent you’re using has overpriced your home, it is much wiser to make one large reduction further down the line and as an absolute last resort. And ideally (depending where your price sits) onto a new Rightmove search bracket so your property will be seen by new buyers. Example: your home is overpriced by your agent at £670,000 (next price bracket down is £650,000) so DO NOT make a small reduction to £660,000. Think about other things you can do first such as changing the main marketing image and description to freshen things up or ask your agent to run a Facebook/Instagram/Google advertising campaign or run a match to new buyers on their database. Then only make the reduction if you absolutely have to and make it to £650,000 to catch all those buyers who are only searching up to £650,000 and cannot currently see it online

3. Not ‘zero’ pricing
Lets not forget, this is not the 1990s and buyers are not searching for your home in the window displays of Estate Agents! They are searching on their smart phone or tablet and you absolutely have to consider this when pricing your home. If your home is below £500,000 it is very easy to sit the price on a search bracket (e.g. in the £400,000s these brackets are £400,000 / £425,000 / £450,000 / £475,000 / £500,000) so PLEASE ensure your agent prices on one of these instead of £469,995 or £499,999! By sitting your home on one of these brackets you will be seen by buyers searching up to this figure and also up from this figure. To the buyers searching up from this figure your home is at the bottom end of their affordability so it should be more straightforward for your Agent to negotiate a higher price.

Even as the prices climb higher, you should try and sit your home on one of these brackets. I see so many examples where Agents price at £699,995 or £910,000 – it would be far more beneficial for you to price at £700,000 or Offers Over £900,000. It will result in more clicks online, which results in more viewings, which usually results in a higher final selling price.

Coupled with all of the above is that the main property websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla etc. show properties in descending price order so for the examples above of £500,000 instead of £499,999 and £700,000 instead of £699,995 etc., you will be higher up the list – a bit like being at the top of page one of Google!

4. Not having a board
It is a question that I get asked by clients on a regular basis “do I need a for sale board”. My answer is usually a resounding “Yes!”. The reasons? Well there are three main ones:

Lets as many people know as possible – when marketing your home, it is about shouting from the rooftops about the fact it is for sale in order to generate as much interest as possible, which will result in more viewings and a higher price.

Passive buyers – passive buyers are those who are not registered with Rightmove and Zoopla to get alerts and who are not regularly searching so will not see your home advertised online. However when ‘that home’ comes onto the market, the one they’ve always dreamed of owning, they will either act quickly and get theirs sold in order to buy yours, of they may have cash reserves / other means of finance and are able to buy it without selling their current home. I have sold many properties over the years to passive buyers and especially in the more affluent areas of mid-Cheshire, people do either have the cash or are able to secure quick finance to buy ‘that house’.

Drive bys – When a home comes onto the market, many buyers will ‘do a drive by’ before arranging a viewing. Especially if you home is down a lane or not easily visible, but really wherever it is, make it as easy as possible for people to find it! You want a super smooth ride for buyers!

5. Not staging
When marketing your home in the US or Australia, it is commonplace for Vendors to move out of their home before it is marketed! The ‘Realtor’ then brings in a team of decorators and professional house stagers to ensure the house is looking as incredible as possible! This is all undertaken for one reason only – to achieve the absolute best price possible. It is true that by investing time and sometimes money in your home before marketing, it will return you thousands, in many cases tens of thousands in your pocket on the eventual sale price.

Marketing a home is about creating an emotional attachment between buyer and property (don’t forget we make purchasing decisions using emotion, not logic) and the more amazing, homely, comforting and enticing your home looks, the higher the price a buyer will be prepared to pay.

When we market a home, we sometimes suggest decorating changes to a client and always provide thorough advice on how to stage each room. This involves removing certain items and rearranging others to get those all-important perfect photos. Before you choose your Estate Agent, compare their photos online to other Agents – which do you think look the best and most enticing?

6. Going with a cheap fee agent
Staging, creating superb professional marketing, speaking with buyers, carrying out ALL viewings and not asking the Vendors to do their own, following up each viewing thoroughly to assess the feedback if a sale doesn’t happen straight away,  preparing a negotiation plan to ensure the best result – all of these important elements take time. Agents who charge low fees and who therefore need many more property sales going through in order to make a profit, simply cannot have the time to spend executing each element correctly. This will result in a lower selling price for you as they will prioritize getting as many deals through as possible. Although they will have more sales, are you confident they devote enough time to the sale of your home?

Added to this, these cheap fee agents will simply not have enough money (or time) to create professional photos and videos, a bespoke Facebook advertising campaign (sometimes more than one) if needed, specialist for sale boards to make your house stand out and you will not end up with the best possible price for your largest tax free asset.

7. Going with a pay up front agent
This one is quite simple. If you were paid up front for selling something (anything in fact), would you have a vested interest in whether it sold or not and would you really care about maximizing the price for the Vendor if you have been paid weeks or months beforehand?

8. Marketing just before Christmas
In the last 3 or 4 weeks before the big day, what is your attention focused on? I’d bet it’s not on moving house? I’d bet your attention is focused on your children or grandchildren’s Christmas play / Christmas crafting or baking / buying last minute presents for your friends and family or socialising with work colleagues and friends.  Due to this, the last 3 or 4 weeks before Christmas are the worst time possible to launch your home to the market. Chances are you will get significantly less enquiries.

Now, most people would agree with this so some decide to “wait until January” before putting their house up for sale. However, did you know that Boxing Day is the busiest day for online property searches? Psychologically Christmas is over and people are looking to the New Year. So instead of waiting until January, get your Agent to prepare the photos and video before your decorations go up and then launch on Boxing Day. This is a tried and tested method we have used for years and it works! You can then arrange a day early January to block in all the viewings.

9. Being fixated on the price you want
There is a saying in our profession which goes “if you have an offer, use it, don’t lose it!” If you have an offer on your property that is anywhere near the level that you and your agent feel it is worth, you should go out into the market place and submit an offer on your next home, based on the offer you have received on yours.

Example, you and your Agent feel your home is worth £780,000 and you have an offer for £760,000. Although you may feel this is a £20,000 loss, it isn’t if you build that £20,000 into the offer on your next home. Overall you haven’t lost out at all and it could be the route to actually selling and moving.

So, try not to be too fixated on the price you want, focus on the ultimate goal and don’t forget “Use it, don’t lose it!”

Thanks for reading.


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07501723253 / ian@storeysofcheshire.co.uk

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When your agent agrees a sale on your Cheshire home, there is a huge desire to change the status online and on the For Sale board to SOLD STC or UNDER OFFER. And why not you might ask? You have a buyer and it is good advertising for the agent. There is a saying in our industry which goes “boards breed boards” – I get it!

However as anyone who has been through the house selling process will know, there is usually a VERY long way to go from agreeing a sale to Exchanging Contracts (Exchange is the point at which the sale is legally binding) and sadly these days, Exchange comes very close to Completion (Completion is the day you move out). So, it really frustrates me when I see agents putting SOLD STC or UNDER OFFER on with days of agreeing a sale.

Because the house buying process in England and Wales is setup in such a way that allows a buyer to pull out at any stage before Exchange with no reason required and no financial penalty, it is very important that your Agent sees financial commitment from your buyer as soon as possible after the sale is agreed. There are very few ways to do this however two ways are for the buyer to pay for and book their survey and their solicitor to instruct their Searches. There are several Searches undertaken including the Local Search which provides information in relation to the roadways serving the property, whether there are any planning permission and applications (where they have been granted, issued or refused) and a vast amount of other information.

By getting your buyer to book and pay for their Survey and Searches, this shows a level of financial commitment from them. Searches and Surveys together can easily be an outlay of £1,000. On top of this, for their solicitor to order the Searches, your buyer will have to formally agree to sign up with their solicitor, which is further financial commitment if they pull out.

So, when I agree a sale on one of my client’s properties, I never mark the house as SOLD STC or UNDER OFFER straight away. I wait until the buyer has booked their Survey and their solicitor has ordered their Searches as it shows financial commitment. It is very important here to say that we stop viewings straight away and set expectations for the buyer by letting them know that once their offer is accepted we stop viewings straight away and will mark as UNDER OFFER once S & S are booked. It also encourages the buyer to get moving quickly as they want to see the property showing as SSTC or UO as quickly as possible. And with the Conveyancing process, speed and quick action is hugely beneficial and reduces the risk of sales falling through.

A further reason to not mark a home as SSTC or UO straight away is that it encourages other buyers to call which allows us to build up a back up list of other buyers in case the sale falls through (which it does sometimes sadly).

At Storeys, we care more about our Clients sale than our own marketing, so whilst it’s obviously great to agree a sale on your home, work with an Agent who has your best interests at heart rather than their own. If I can help with any property related questions, please call, text or WhatsApp me on 07501 723253.

Thanks for reading,

Ian Storey

07501723253 / ian@storeysofcheshire.co.uk

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In this three-minute read, we look at the crucial role small businesses play in bringing prosperity and personality to our high streets.

Small businesses across Cheshirehave played a vital part in helping our community to get through the pandemic, so it’s no wonder that many of us are feeling a lot of love for local firms right now.

A new survey has found 59% of Brits say they support local businesses now more than they did pre-Covid-19.

The research, commissioned by American Express and Small Business Saturday UK, highlights the significant contribution small businesses have made in 2020.

It’s not been easy to keep calm and carry on amid lockdowns and tier restrictions, and for many small firms, it has taken sweat and tears to keep the wolves from the door.

But the good news is that many of these local enterprises are still standing, and you can do your bit for them on Small Business Saturday (5 December).

On this date, people in Cheshire and across the country are being urged to purchase goods and/or services from local businesses. (If you can’t do it in person, you could do it online).

Last year, some 17.6 million people backed the cause by choosing to shop small on Small Business Saturday, spending about £800 million. Organisers are hoping for similar success – albeit in more challenging circumstances – this year. 

Here are four reasons why you should back small businesses on Saturday, 5 December – and the rest of the year too.

Personality – Independent businesses bring vibrancy and creativity to villages and towns. Without them, high streets are sterile and non-descript. By supporting local firms, you’ll be ensuring our shopping areas have energy and sparkle.

Better customer service – Often, small businesses offer better customer service than their larger competitors. This is because the owner is never far away from the action – unlike a big chain, where the boss is in a swanky HQ hundreds of miles away.

Prosperity – Small businesses employ local people and draw on the services of other local firms such as accountants, builders, and cleaners. They keep the wheels of the local economy turning. 

Say thank you – Most small business owners are decent people who are proud of their local community. Over the past nine months, small businesses have helped out in all sorts of ways, such as delivering essentials to the homes of the vulnerable, pivoting to make PPE, or donating to food banks. A little bit of recognition can go a long way.

Here at Storeys, we’d like to give a big shout out to the local businesses who have gone above and beyond during this pandemic.

2020 has been tough on all of us, and now, more than ever, we need to work together as a community. At Storeys we’re committed to supporting the people and communities we serve.

Thanks for reading.


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07501723253 / ian@storeysofcheshire.co.uk

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In this two-minute read, we look at what yesterday’s Christmas announcements mean to households in Cheshire.

This year has been filled with anguish and anxiety for many of us.

But the news that came out last week around successful vaccines and yesterday’s announcement of the temporary relaxation around social distancing rules over Christmas has cheered up many of us.

And in true Christmas miracle fashion, it’s got the four national governments of the UK to take a united approach.

For five days, people have the option to celebrate the festive period with selected families and friends.

Here is some of the Government’s guidance for England around the rules for 23 to December 27 as reported by the BBC.

  • Up to three households will be allowed to stay together and form a “Christmas bubble.”
  • You can form a different Christmas bubble from the people you live with usually – so you can choose to stay with different people for the five days.
  • You can meet people outside your Christmas bubble. But only outside the home and in line with the rules for the tier in which you are staying. Places you can meet those people include parks, beaches, open countryside, public gardens, allotments and playgrounds
  • Children under 18 years-old whose parents do not live together may be part of both parents’ Christmas bubbles.
  • Existing support bubbles count as one household towards the three-household limit.
  • Students are considered to be part of the household to which they have returned.

Look out for the announcements tomorrow (Thursday) about the different tier levels which will come into effect when this lockdown ends on December 2.

According to the BBC, the decision will be based on several factors, including case numbers, the reproduction rate – or R number – and the amount of pressure on local NHS services.

For some families, it will be a difficult choice around who to share Christmas with.

There’s always the option to stay within your established bubble (AKA your immediate family).  This way, you won’t fall out with the in-laws, and you’ll be keeping seriously safe.

So, what will you be doing?

Will you be planning a three-family bubble with all the traditional works?

Or are you going for a lower-key approach, with a smaller turkey and Michael Bublé’s Christmas songs providing the backdrop?

Whatever you plan, we hope you have a safe, memorable, and happy time.

From all at Storeys.

PS: Here is the link to the Government’s Advice – https://tinyurl.com/y5czwlkc

Thanks for reading.


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07501723253 / ian@storeysofcheshire.co.uk

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An estate agency in Cheshire has recently supported the work of a children’s cancer support charity.

Storeys of Cheshire donated £200 to the Joshua Tree, which provides help, guidance and comfort to children and their families affected by cancer.

The donation will enable the Northwich based charity to provide help to local people by offering a range of services including counselling, art therapy, social events and one to one and group support sessions.

Storeys of Cheshire owner, Ian Storey, explained what prompted them to donate. He said: “My wife Alex and I have two young children and I can’t imagine the trauma parents and their little ones go through combatting cancer.

“We’re a family-run, community orientated business and we’ve heard about the amazing work the people at the Joshua Tree do. A lot of local charities are finding it hard to raise much-needed funds due to Covid-19 restrictions, so we just wanted to help in our small way.”

To find out more about the Joshua Tree visit: www.thejoshuatree.org.uk

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In this important two-minute read, we look at six ways people in Cheshire can look after their mental health and that of their loved ones as we head into winter.

In early November, a week after the clocks went back, there was a spike in the UK’s highest levels of acute loneliness during the pandemic, according to the Office for National Statistics.

A BBC report claimed that the longer, darker evenings had led to 8% of adults saying they were feeling “always, or often lonely”. This is a staggering 4.2 million people across Britain.

Now, more than ever before, it’s essential to note how we’re feeling mentally as well as physically.

With mindfulness in mind, here are six ideas from the Mental Health Foundation to improve your mental wellbeing over the winter months.

  1. Get Help – If you are struggling with debt or feeling down, seek professional support and guidance.
  2. Routines Work – Lockdowns play havoc with our schedules, so aim to create a simplified one that works for you. Try to build at least twenty minutes of exercise into your day.
  3. Good Sleep Matters – A very important but overlooked aspect of good mental health is getting quality sleep. Try reading a book instead of watching the telly before bedtime.
  4. Look for the Positives – Since the Pandemic hit, many things we took for granted have been temporarily stopped. But new ideas and events have emerged like online book clubs and Zoom pub quizzes. Many people are also finding a new purpose by volunteering in their local communities.
  5. Stay Connected – There may be restrictions around meeting people, but that doesn’t need to stop us staying in touch with friends and family. Pick up the phone and call or text someone you like/love today.
  6. Make Friends with Winter – The Scandinavians have become experts over the centuries in coping with long, dark winters. Their approach is to make your home as comfortable as possible and enjoy the time indoors to read, cook, reflect, and relax.

At Storeys we see the big picture. And we know our community cares about more than just property, so we love sharing articles like this and hope they help you or someone you care about.

Thanks for reading and let’s look out for each other this winter.

PS: The Mental Health Foundation has published some handy articles providing advice and support for people who need it. Visit: www.mentalhealth.org.uk

Thanks for reading.


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In this three-minute read, we look at why people planning to sell in 2021 should act now to take advantage of the traditional surge in interest from serious buyers.

If you’re contemplating putting your home on the market next year, there’s one thing you can do right now to maximise your chances of getting a great deal.

Before you get carried away in a giddy rush of festive fever and adorn your house in flashing lights and sparkly tinsel, take a deep breath and pause for just a moment.

You may be planning to kickstart the sale of your home in January – once the silly season is over – but there’s a good reason why you shouldn’t wait.

The reason is that traffic on property portals skyrockets on the days between Christmas and New Year.

Pageviews on Rightmove, for example, typically increase by around 230% between Christmas Day and 2 January.

What drives this surge in interest?

As well as being a time of celebration, Christmas is a time of contemplation; one when many people make major life decisions.

Some folks decide – after hosting family on Christmas Day – that their home is too small and they need something with more room.

Others finally get around to having a frank discussion with elderly loved ones about downsizing. 

The festive season is also a time when couples commit to finding a “forever home” together, or sadly decide it’s time to go separate ways.

Whatever their reasons for moving, buyers at this time of year tend to be highly motivated. Smart sellers can take advantage of this by making sure that their property is online in all its glory before Christmas Eve.

We suggest that you instruct an agent now so that you have plenty of time to get the photography, copy, floorplans and Energy Performance Certificate sorted in time.

No tinsel, baubles or flashing lights just yet.

This brings us back to our recommendation that people in Cheshire who are planning to sell next year hold off on putting the Christmas decorations up. There are two good reasons for doing this and both centre around marketing photos.

Reason 1

The key to good property photography is getting rid of clutter. Property photos aren’t family snaps. You don’t want buyers mulling over your penchant for flashing reindeer or how many presents you have under the tree. Having lots of personal items on show is a big no-no. 

Reason 2

If your property doesn’t sell before Christmas, the photos will look dated if they feature wreaths, presents, and Christmas cards. 

So, there we have it, get the photos done first and then go for broke. Deck your hall with boughs of holly and bling up your Christmas tree, relaxed in the knowledge that you’ve taken the right steps to ensure a prosperous New Year.

Here a Storeys, we want to help make your plans for 2021 a reality. Get in touch now for expert advice on how to make those dreams come true.

Thanks for reading.


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In this Wellbeing Wednesday two-minute update, we look at the benefits of exercising and why it could be easier than you think to get moving again.

We’ve been through some historically uncertain times this year.

But with the recent announcements around the highly promising vaccines to combat Covid-19, brighter times have appeared on the global horizon.

During this period of uncertainty, one thing has become crystal clear, and that’s the importance of exercising regularly for your mind and body.

According to the NHS, the benefits include:

Reducing stress levels

Strengthening your immunity

Maintaining a steady weight

Improving your memory and brain functioning

Helping you to sleep better

Increasing feel-good endorphins to boost your mood

Yes, it seems that exercise is one of those things that we all know is good for us, but not all of us do it.

So, with that in mind, we jumped on the internet to find six easy ways to get moving.

  1. Housework Out – Did you know that doing the domestic chores for 30 minutes can burn up to 220 calories on average. Time to get the mop out?
  2. Working Out at the Car Wash – Getting your vehicle shiny and clean isn’t just easy on the eye, it’s helpful to the waistline, because on average washing your car can burn around 314 calories an hour.
  3. Keep on Track – Keeping tabs on how much you’ve exercised can be hugely motivating. And it’s never been easier to chart the number of steps you’ve taken in a day, or the calories you’ve burned, thanks to smartphones and fitness trackers.
  4. Find a Fitness Friend – Although we’re all still being encouraged to socially distance, nothing is stopping you calling a friend and suggesting doing three 30-minute exercise sessions a week. You don’t have to do these together, but it keeps you motivated knowing you are accountable to someone and you spur each other on.
  5. Small Things Add Up – Next time you are waiting for the kettle to boil, do some stretches. Or park a little further away on the school run. A series of small steps in the right direction can put you on the path to feeling much fitter.
  6. Now We’re Walking – The most straightforward way to exercise is a low impact, brisk walk. It provides a change of scenery, some fresh air, and a new stimulus for the brain.

Before embarking on any new exercise plan, consult your doctor or a fitness professional.

And if you are thinking of moving home, consult us for honest, expert, and friendly advice.

At Storeys our passion is to help people across Cheshire get moving. And for us to do that, we need to stay fighting fit, so we’ll be trying out the above ideas.

What’s your best exercise tip?

Thanks for reading.


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07501723253 / ian@storeysofcheshire.co.uk

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Today is World Kindness Day, and we couldn’t think of a better chance to show our appreciation for our community’s good neighbours. A 90-second speed read.

Friday the 13th is usually viewed with suspicion given its ‘unlucky for some’ label.

But this year’s vintage is a time to celebrate and cast aside any superstitions and celebrate World Kindness Day.

And 2020 is certainly the year where kindness and community spirit were needed like never before.

World Kindness Day started in Tokyo in 1998 and has since grown into a global movement of doing nice things for others.

At Storeys, we want to take this opportunity to celebrate the kindness and care of the good neighbours across Cheshire who make each other’s lives that much better.

The experience of lockdowns and restrictions this year has highlighted the value of generosity, compassion, and community spirit.

So, let’s hear it for our local heroes, AKA good neighbours.

Kindness Counts

Here are three simple things you can do to let your neighbours know how much they mean to you.

  1. Send a text to them, something along the lines of ‘Today is World Kindness Day, and you sprang to mind because you are a very kind and considerate neighbour’.
  2. Pop a note or card through their door, thanking them for being such a good person to live near.
  3. Tag them in this post, letting them know why you think they are fab.

The importance of having good neighbours is a huge plus point for people seeking a new home.

The Value of Good Neighbours

According to a survey featured in an article on the Ideal Home website, the majority of people who were asked about the importance of having good neighbours said they would gladly pay 1 to 3 per cent above the asking price to guarantee they got on with the locals.

So, it seems like the Czech proverb we discovered while researching this article is correct:

‘A good neighbour adds value to your property.’

We want all our clients, neighbours, and members of the community to know that we remain here to help the good people of Cheshire in any way we can.

Thanks for reading.


07501723253 / ian@storeysofcheshire.co.uk

07501723253 / ian@storeysofcheshire.co.uk

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In this two-minute read, we look at five ways to stave off cravings and eat well this winter.

Many of us turn to food when we’re bored or stressed, so it’s no wonder that the pandemic has played havoc with so many people’s waistlines.

Spending lots of time at home this year, amid ongoing uncertainty, has meant that bad habits have crept in. Do any of these descriptions resonate with you?

The all-day grazer: Mid-morning you reach for the biscuit tin and then keep going – and going. You eat little and often (by that we mean almost constantly) and lose track of how many bourbons/crackers/cookies you’ve devoured.

Late-night binger: You skip breakfast and stick to a simple eating plan for most of the day – until about 9pm comes and BAM! you snaffle a tub of Ben & Jerry’s at lightning speed.

Zombie eater: You always eat in front of the TV or while on your laptop. You shovel it in on auto-pilot, unaware of how much you’ve packed away, if it has any nutritional value or even if it tastes nice.

Afternoon snack fiend: Your mood and willpower plummet mid-afternoon. You start to feel hangry (that’s hungry plus angry) and need a sugary snack to give you an energy hit.

If any of these descriptions ring a bell with you, then here are five tips to help get your eating habits back on an even keel.

Plan meals and shop in advance

Create a meal plan, stock up on healthy produce and get cooking. (Meals made from scratch are typically lower in salt, sugar, and fat than processed foods and takeaways.) Foods to add to your shopping basket include sweet potatoes and spinach (they’re packed with vitamin A) and oily fish (for a hit of vitamin D). If snacking is your weakness, have berries and oranges (full of vitamin C) on hand for when the cravings hit.

Sit down at the table to eat

Avoid eating on the run, or while multitasking. Sit down to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time every day. This structure will help stop you grazing or bingeing.

Frozen counts

Frozen vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals, so make sure you have some in the freezer. That way, if you wind up having to quarantine, you can still get your daily dose of veg.

Don’t obsess 

Food isn’t supposed to be a source of guilt, it’s meant to be nourishing and joyful. If you have a blowout, don’t be too tough on yourself. We are living through strange times. Move on, tomorrow’s another day.


Exercise boosts your mood, and gives you more energy, so you won’t need sugary treats to give you a lift. Schedule exercise for the time of day when you typically feel low or lethargic.

Here at Storeys, we’re here to help you get through these uncertain times. Look after yourself and take care.

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